Information on Kidney Cancer

Information on Kidney Cancer

Looking for information on kidney cancer?

Here you can find information about kidney cancer, the different sub-types of kidney cancer, grades and stages of the disease.

What is kidney cancer?

Kidney cancer is a type of cancer that arises from the cells of the kidney. Another name for kidney cancer is “renal cell carcinoma”. The most common type of kidney cancer is “clear cell carcinoma”.

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What are the types of kidney cancer?

Not all kidney cancers are the same. Kidney cancers can come from different cells of the kidney, can be more slow-growing or more aggressive and can be larger or smaller, or have spread outside the kidney.

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What does "histology" mean?

Kidney cancer can be sub-divided into several different “flavours” or “sub-types” based on the appearance of the cancer cells under a microscope (the “histology” of the cancer). The type of kidney cancer is not usually important for surgery, but can be critical if more treatment is needed later.

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"Grades" of kidney cancer?

Each patient’s tumour is different to other people’s cancers in how aggressive it looks; the “grade” of the tumour. The grade of a cancer describes if the cells in the cancer are almost uniform and well organised, almost like a normal organ or tissue might look under the microscope (low grade), or if the cancer looks very disorganised and the cells are different in size and shape (high grade).

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What are the different kidney cancer "stages"?

The stage of a cancer describes the size of the cancer, and whether or not it has spread. This helps to guide treatment and can help plan long-term follow-up care. When staging is based on clinical assessment alone, it is referred to as the clinical stage. Microscopic examination of the affected tissue determines the “pathologic” stage. A staging system is a standardised way in which the cancer care team describes the extent of the cancer.

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Incidence, prevalence and mortality of kidney cancer

For information on incidence, prevalence and mortality of kidney cancer please refer to our e-Atlas.

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Factsheet: What is kidney cancer?

The fact sheets are available to organisations to publish on your own website. They include a ‘Distributed by:’ box on the back that allows each fact sheet to be personalised with your organisation’s logo and stamp.

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