Risk Factors and Diagnosis

Risk Factors and Diagnosis

In this section you can find information on what might cause kidney cancer (risk factors) and learn about signs and symptoms for the disease and how it is diagnosed.

What causes kidney cancer?

Like most cancers, kidney cancer is caused by mutations that accumulate over time in your body. Like most other cancers kidney cancer most often arises in older people and it is mostly a disease seen in adults over 40. There are a number of other risk factors that are important in the development of kidney cancer.

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Is my family at risk of developing kidney cancer?

People who have family members with kidney cancer, especially a sibling, are at increased risk. This can be due to genes that pass down from parent to child. Inherited gene mutations cause only 3-5% of kidney cancer.

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Signs and symptoms

Many kidney cancers do not cause symptoms; they are found incidentally during a scan, X-ray or ultrasound that was ordered for another problem. When kidney cancer does cause symptoms these can be non-specific, that is, many of the symptoms that kidney cancer might cause can be mistakenly attributed to other causes, like a urine infection or a muscle twinge.

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Diagnosing kidney cancer

Because the kidneys are deep in the body, it is not easy to feel a lump in the kidney or see from the outside what is happening beneath the surface. Often kidney cancer is found by accident — “an incidental finding” — when the doctor does a scan for another reason and notices something on the kidney.

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Factsheet: What causes kidney cancer?

Factsheet: What causes kidney cancer for download.

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