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Looking for information on kidney cancer? Here you can find information about kidney cancer, the different sub-types of kidney cancer, grades and stages of the disease.
In this section you can find information on what might cause kidney cancer (risk factors) and learn about signs and symptoms for the disease and how it is diagnosed.
This section offers further information on the treatments that are currently used to treat localised kidney cancer.
This section offers further information on the various treatments that are currently used to treat advanced kidney cancer.
All approved cancer treatments available today have been proven in clinical trials. This section explains how trials are run, how you might take part in a clinical trial and how a trial might help you. Further information is also available […]
All IKCC graphics and infographics are prepared for the benefit of patient organisations who support patients with kidney cancer and can be used freely by all IKCC Affiliate Organisations. Other organisations and medical professionals are requested to contact the IKCC […]
As a global network, the IKCC is committed to addressing unmet needs for kidney cancer patients worldwide and to promoting evidence-based guidelines and quality care.

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