2019 World Kidney Cancer Day

On 20 June 2019, patients, friends, carers, health professionals, researchers and local kidney cancer organisations around the world celebrated the third World Kidney Cancer Day. The 2019 theme, ‘We need to talk’, highlighted the urgent need for more awareness and action on kidney cancer around the globe.

Central to World Kidney Cancer Day 2019 was the launch of a landmark Global Patient Survey, which interviewed almost 2,000 patients and carers from 43 countries and uncovered some surprising and alarming data. The launch of the survey, the first of its kind, will start many conversations at many levels and be a turning point in global kidney cancer care.

The 2019 World Kidney Cancer Day campaign included online and offline advertising, video content from 25 of the world’s leading kidney cancer experts, plus a True of False online quiz.

2018 World Kidney Cancer Q&A Day Campaign

The second World Kidney Cancer Q&A Day was a great success. On 21 June 2018 people all around the world were asking questions and looking for answers to help raise global awareness of kidney cancer.

World Kidney Cancer Day provides the opportunity for patients, carers, their friends and supporters, health care professionals and local kidney cancer organisations, to come together to raise awareness and start to answer those questions that will make a difference to stemming the growth of this cancer. Our aim is to rapidly grow global awareness of Kidney Cancer and encourage people to share what they know about this disease.

We are building momentum worldwide, in our first two years we have achieved:

  • 650,000 social media impressions
  • Over 20,000 people have completed the World Kidney Cancer Q&A Day Quiz.

For the campaign report please click here: Download World Kidney Cancer Day campaign report

Thank you to everyone around the world who took part in 2018. We especially thank our affiliates, sponsors and partners for giving kidney cancer a global voice. With your commitment to awareness raising, supporting patient advocacy and research, we will continue our combined efforts to reduce the global burden of kidney cancer.

2017 World Kidney Cancer Q&A Day Campaign

For information on the very first World Kidney Cancer Day campaign click here: report of World Kidney Cancer Day 2017

Together we are working towards slowing the growth of this silent killer

Kidney cancer is a silent disease and one of the fastest growing cancers in the world. This steady rise in the incidence of kidney cancer is a global health risk, and the International Agency for Research on Cancer projects a 22% increase from 338,000 in 2012 to 413,000 cases annually by 2020. Explanations are incomplete, but experts point to risk factors such as aging, obesity, high blood pressure and smoking.

World Kidney Cancer Q&A Day is an initiative of the International Kidney Cancer Coalition and is held annually to raise global awareness of Kidney Cancer.