Kidney Cancer Decision Aid: “My Treatment, My Choice”

Kidney Cancer Decision Aid: “My Treatment, My Choice”
Kidney Cancer Decision Aid: “My Treatment, My Choice”2018-07-20T10:35:54+00:00

A decision aid for people with advanced renal cell carcinoma (kidney cancer)

The principle that patients should be involved in all the decisions about their own healthcare has been talked about for many years. We call this principle “shared decision making”.

Shared decision making starts with a conversation between the patient who is receiving care and the healthcare professional delivering the care and it develops into a process in which they work together to make the best possible decisions based on the available clinical evidence and the patient’s own personal preferences.

One of IKCC’s core beliefs is that patients and their families have an essential role to play in healthcare decisions that affect their lives. Our latest shared decision aid booklet was published in April 2018 and is called “My Treatment, My Choice”. It is written for people with metastatic kidney cancer and was written by a partnership team of patients, patient advocates and medical professionals who between them have supported thousands of kidney cancer patients worldwide.

You may find this shared decision making booklet contains some new medical information and words you are not familiar with. If you find it difficult to read all at once, it may be helpful to read it in sections or to reread it again at another time. The glossary at the end of the booklet is included to help you understand the medical terms that are used throughout the booklet.

We hope you will find this booklet helpful as you navigate the decisions ahead in partnership with your healthcare team.

To download or to print out a pdf copy of the IKCC shared decision making booklet please click the image on the left. The booklet is European A5 format. If you wish to print on a “regular” A4 page please use the layout option “2 pages per sheet” in the print options of your printer.

Please do get in touch with us if you have any comments and would like to share your experience of using the booklet. You can email us at and mark your email “shared decision making”

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