Working together to reduce the global burden of kidney cancer

Kidney cancer is a global issue. Every year, 338,000 people worldwide will be diagnosed with kidney cancer.

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Global Kidney Cancer Summit 2020

The 10th annual Global Kidney Cancer Summit – the only international conference for organisations representing patients with kidney cancer will be held over four days throughout October and November.  For the first time, the conference will be held virtually, bringing together the global patient advocate community to learn, share and explore ways to improve the lives of people affected by kidney cancer.

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2020 Global Patient Survey

IKCC’s 2020 Global Patient Survey will be opening on 29 October. The biennial survey is designed to identify geographic variations in patients’ experience to highlight best practices and unmet needs related to patients’ access to care, quality of life and involvement in clinical trials.

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COVID-19 Cancer-Related Resources

The COVID-19 global pandemic is affecting people around the world and is of great concern to many cancer patients. In addition to information about the virus and how to protect ourselves, kidney cancer patients need information about cancer treatment, follow-up care and other cancer-specific details about managing our health during the pandemic.

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Updates from IKCC

7 hours ago
Video interview with Prof. Eric Jonasch (IKCC Board Director) about potential rechallenging with checkpoint inhibitors after immune-related adverse events in GU cancers. This is especially relevant for many #kidneycancer patients. via @practiceupdate
13 hours ago
Tips and insights, how to stay well and prevent burnout, Care Strategies for Patient Advocates. This required reading for many passionate and determined #kidneycancer patient advocates.
2 days ago
Survivors with localized #kidneycancer were invited to participate in this study through social media. A total of 412 survivors were included in this analysis. Fear of Cancer Recurrence in Patients With Localised Renal Cell Carcinoma
3 days ago
Update from the SORCE trial; adjuvant Sorafenib for #kidneycancer patients at Intermediate or High Risk of Relapse: Sorafenib should not be used as adjuvant therapy for RCC. Active surveillance is the appropriate control in adjuvant RCC trial, RAMPART.

Did you know?

Kidney cancer is often found by accident.

Kidney cancer is the 12th most prevalent cancer worldwide.

About 59 per cent of kidney cancer cases occur in more developed countries.

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