Working together to reduce the global burden of kidney cancer

Kidney cancer is a global issue. Every year, 431,000 people worldwide will be diagnosed with kidney cancer.

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World Kidney Cancer Day
17 June 2021 

‘We need to talk about how we’re feeling’ is the theme for World Kidney Cancer Day 2021. Save the date on 17 June 2021 and join patients, families, friends, carers, health professionals, researchers and local kidney cancer organisations from around the world to raise awareness and reduce the global burden of kidney cancer.

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Summary of Kidney Cancer Take-Home Messages from ASCO 2021

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Meeting was again held virtually from 4-8 June 2021. The virtual presentations are available to view on the ASCO website. The International Kidney Cancer Coalition (IKCC) attended the virtual scientific programme to keep abreast of the latest advances in the care and treatment of people with kidney cancer.

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COVID-19 Cancer-Related Resources

The COVID-19 global pandemic is affecting people around the world and is of great concern to many cancer patients. In addition to information about the virus and how to protect ourselves, kidney cancer patients need information about cancer treatment, follow-up care and other cancer-specific details about managing our health during the pandemic.

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Updates from IKCC

4 days ago
Today is world Kidney Cancer Day. This year’s theme is ‘We need to talk about how we’re feeling’. To find out more about the campaign visit: @IKCCorg #KidneyCancer #BoltonMacmillan #WeNeedToTalkAboutHowWe'reFeeling
4 days ago
Today is WORLD #KIDNEYCANCER DAY. If you have kidney cancer, life can feel overwhelming, stressful & lonely. Anxiety &/or fear of recurrence are universal. Today we applaud kidney cancer patients around the world who are sharing experiences & supporting each other. #wkcd2021
4 days ago
Mantenerse activo y hablar con otros puede ayudar nuestro bienestar psicosocial. Crea tu Informe Personalizado de Bienestar Psicosocial en solo 5 minutos:
@IKCCorg @bmsnews @pfizer_spain @astellas @Fundacion_ONCE
4 days ago
Pour inspirer et encourager les personnes vivant avec le #cancer du rein à parler de leur santé mentale et à partager leurs expériences, nous avons lancé #PatientPerspectivesMatter pour le #WorldKidneyCancerDay @IKCCorg. En savoir plus 👉

Did you know?

Kidney cancer is often found by accident.

Kidney cancer is the 12th most prevalent cancer worldwide.

About 59 per cent of kidney cancer cases occur in more developed countries.

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