2022 IKCC Clinical Leadership Workshop

In September 2022, IKCC hosted a first-of-its-kind patient engagement-focused workshop for members of the IKCC Medical Advisory Board (MAB) and potential candidates who will be invited to join the MAB. The IKCC Clinical Leadership Workshop, held in Paris, France following the European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO) conference, was designed to foster a better understanding of the role for clinicians to promote patient advocacy and accelerate patient engagement.

An international roster of experts – including patients advocates and clinicians – shared their experiences and expertise. Over the course of the two-day workshop, presenters and participants explored a number of ways to elevate the patient experience and values into the clinical and supportive settings. The first day focused on the ways involving patients and patient organisations can improve clinical research. The second day focused on ways to support shared decision-making, involving patients in clinical guidelines and understanding patients’ needs across the cancer journey.

Read the full report here.