All IKCC graphics and infographics are prepared for the benefit of patient organisations who support patients with kidney cancer and can be used freely by all IKCC Affiliate Organisations. Other organisations and medical professionals are requested to contact the IKCC for permission to use at no charge, citing the IKCC as the original source with copyright. Contact:

Disclaimer: All IKCC infographics are based upon public data presented at medical congresses and published in medical journals and have been medically reviewed prior to publication.

Infographic: IKCC poll for adjuvant IO for RCC
Infographics for study results

Sometimes study results are hard to understand. In this section you can find our patient-friendly infographics for study results.

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Infographic: Understanding IMDC criteria

Infographic “Understanding IMDC criteria for metastatic RCC” for download in English, German and French.

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Images Global Patient Survey

We’ve prepared a few images for Twitter and Facebook regarding the Global Patient Survey. Please feel free to use any of these.

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