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ESMO Highlights from the International Kidney Cancer Coalition

Note: The following summary was prepared by patient advocates for the benefit of patient organisations who focus on kidney cancer. While this summary has been medically reviewed, the information contained herein is based upon public data shared at this meeting and is not intended to be exhaustive. Patients should ask their physician about any information that pertains to their care.

Summary of Kidney Cancer Take-Home Messages from ESMO 2017

Over 24,000 people attended the ESMO (European Society of Medical Oncology) meeting in Madrid from September 8–12

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About the Clinical Trials Database

The IKCC clinical trials database is provided as an information resource for kidney cancer patient organisations worldwide. The IKCC database is automatically updated daily and reviewed weekly. All trial information is sourced from and automatically updated according to according to a wide variety of search terms commonly used for kidney cancer.

Note: Patients should always check with their healthcare provider and their local patient organisation for additional trials that

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IKCC Clinical Trials Database Disclaimer

Information presented on this website is intended to supplement, not replace, conversations between the patient and their healthcare team. The specific details about each patient’s total health situation and personal values need to be considered in making the final decisions about taking part in a clinical trial.

Information in the IKCC database is sourced from a recognized worldwide database: It is possible that some trials in some countries may not be listed. Speak to

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