As of December 2016, there are now TWO patient advocates on the NCI Renal Task Force.

The US National Cancer Institute’s Renal Task Force is an advisory group that involves the renal oncology community to address the design and prioritization of NCI funded phase 2 and phase 3 clinical trials in renal cell cancer.

Deb Maskens joins the Task Force as a Patient Advocate from the IKCC (International Kidney Cancer Coalition) along with Carrie Konosky of the Kidney Cancer Association (KCA).

“My goals,” says Deb Maskens, “are for us to co-design clinical trials that work for real RCC patients, to accrue those (well designed) trials as quickly as possible, and to get the results out faster in the clearest possible way. All of that is going to take a strong patient advocacy voice and I will do my very best to BE that voice on behalf of all of you. Please let me know if there are issues regarding clinical trials that you want to see prioritized. Thank you, and all the best for a positive 2017 year ahead for ALL of us!”