IKCC 2012 Conference Report

IKCC 2012 Conference Report


From March 11-13, kidney cancer organizations from around the world met in Rome, Italy to discuss shared issues and work towards solutions on a global level. We came to Rome “with our heads and our hearts open” to share our information and ideas with others, and learn from groups around the world where patients are facing similar issues with kidney cancer.

Note: The following summary notes are provided in detail for the education and benefit of kidney cancer patient organizations who were not able to be present for the IKCC Expanding Circles 2012 conference or the Kidney Cancer 101 sessions. Each of the three presentations highlighted here provides an excellent overview for patient group representatives who require greater familiarity with kidney cancer.

The three sessions comprising Kidney Cancer 101 included:

  • Kidney Cancer Overview
  • Surgical Treatment
  • Treatment Options and Support

Kidney Cancer 101 Pre-Conference Educational Sessions

Participants from around the world included Australia, Canada, Ghana, South Africa, India, U.K, U.S, Germany, Italy, Finland along with other international leading cancer organizations such as Rare Cancers Europe and HTAi (Health Technology Assessment International) among others.

Report from the 2012 Conference



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