10-for-IO logoWould you like to learn more about immuno-oncology?  IKCC has launched www.10forIO.info, a new web-based resource for kidney cancer patients: trusted, evidence-based, patient-focused and understandable.  THANK YOU to all of the patient organisations and advocates worldwide who have shared in the development of this new resource.  10-for-IO-release

NEWS: This site is now available also in Spanish language! 

Robin Martinez, Deb Maskens, Joyce GraffDeb Maskens spoke with Robin Martinez and Joyce Graff about the project that led up to this point, and the effort on the part of IKCC to present information in patient-appropriate language that can be used by IKCC Affiliate organizations worldwide to keep their patients informed, and to help counter the overblown statements that too often find their way into the press.

We want to make sure patients feel hopeful, but not lead them to believe the miracle is here when it is not.  While the headlines may say that half the people with cancer will be cured, in fact that is not yet true.  We still have a great deal to learn about these drugs.  We do need people to participate in the clinical trials that will help us learn, but we cannot yet predict just how well an individual patient is likely to respond to these new drugs, or what side effects may occur.  We need to approach with caution.

Hear the conversation at Powerful Patient: ESMO and Immuno-Oncology

Joyce Graff is Chair of Powerful Patient and Director of the New England Regional Genetics Group.  Robin Martinez is Vice-Chair of Powerful Patient and the lead moderator at SmartPatients, the successor to the Kidney-Onc discussion on the internet. All three have a special interest in kidney cancer and are active in the IKCC.