As Board Chair and in keeping with Board terms, I am pleased to announce that in 2024, the IKCC Board of Directors is seeking to appoint up to three new Board Directors who share our mission and our passion to reduce the global burden of kidney cancers.

About the IKCC

Established on 9 December 2014 as a Stichting (Foundation) in the Netherlands, the IKCC is an established, independent, international network of patient organisations that focus exclusively or include a specific focus on kidney cancers.

Kidney cancer is a global issue. Every year, an estimated 431,000 people worldwide will be diagnosed with kidney cancer. The IKCC works internationally in partnership with other regional and global patient organisations, healthcare professional groups and partners to improve the lives of people affected and impacted by kidney cancer.

About the IKCC Board of Directors

According to the legal framework of IKCC, the IKCC Board includes 5-10 Directors. The IKCC Deed and Regulations (often referred to as Bylaws or Articles of Incorporation outside the Netherlands) specifically state that these 10 Directors will include a minimum of 2 advocate Directors from Partner (Affiliate) Organisations, up to 2 Directors representing the IKCC Medical Advisory Board, and specific Office Bearers, Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary-Treasurer.

Each newly appointed Board Director plays an integral role in the leadership of the IKCC. According to our 5-Year Strategic Plan, Board Director positions are primarily skills-based to ensure the Board contains the appropriate Board experience, leadership, and management expertise necessary for the leadership, sustainability, and ongoing growth of a global foundation. Preference is given to candidates who will ensure the Board represents:

  • A global cancer perspective,
  • Prior non-profit Board or commercial leadership experience
  • Lived experience with cancer, including kidney cancers, as a patient or carer.

The IKCC is strongly committed to DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion), including geographical diversity. All Board Director positions are voluntary (unpaid) positions but offer a rewarding opportunity to change the landscape of patient care for those affected with kidney cancer globally.

Priority will be given to nominations brought forth by IKCC affiliate organisations for individuals, either within affiliate organisations or from their broader networks, whose experience and skillsets meet the specific requirements for each Board position. For any positions for which suitable candidates from IKCC affiliate organisations cannot be identified, the IKCC Board will conduct an external targeted executive search.

Positions Open for Nominations in 2024

In 2024, the Board welcomes nominations for the following three Director positions:

1. Secretary-Treasurer (Elect)
2. Vice Chair (Chair, Elect)
3. Director (General Board Director)

For further information please forward an email to Julia Black, Chief Operating Officer,


Michael Jewett
Chair, IKCC Board of Directors

Please click on the links below to learn about the Board positions open for nomination in 2024 and how to apply: