About IKCC

IKCC is a global collaboration of patient organisations that empowers and represents the kidney cancer community through advocacy, awareness, information and research.
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The IKCC Global Network

IKCC welcomes every organisation that has an interest in kidney cancer and extends an open invitation to all groups to become a part of this international network. IKCC also welcome individuals.
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IKCC Conference, 6th – 8th April 2017, Warsaw, Poland

Our seventh IKCC Conference for kidney cancer patient organisations will be held in Warsaw, Poland on 6th, 7th & 8th April 2017.

Our conference will bring together cancer patient group leaders from around the world to share best practices, exchange experiences and work together to improve the lives of kidney cancer patients wherever they live. Read more

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First World Kidney Cancer Awareness Day

As we all know, kidney cancer is a serious but often forgotten disease around the world. With your help, we’re setting out to change that! With your input from our last conference, we’ve been working with an international steering committee of kidney cancer experts, patients, and communications professionals from Singapore to Belgium to Australia to explore how we can raise awareness globally.

As a result, we’ve developed a fun and informative campaign that patients and organisations around the world can adopt. Along with raising global awareness of kidney cancer, we’re keen to help patients and organisations raise much needed funds in your country. Full details will be presented at our Expanding Circles in Kidney Cancer Conference in Warsaw April 6-8th. For more details, please contact

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Understanding Immuno-Oncology

10-for-IO logoImmuno-oncology (IO) therapy is a new (and old) way to treat cancer by activating your immune system in the hope that it will attack your tumour.  Our sister site ‘10-for-IO’ is a central resource for patient organisations to access information about immuno-oncology specifically as it applies to renal cell carcinoma. Click here for more information.

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IKCC Book of Courage and Hope

We are pleased to present the Book of Courage and Hope. This collection of the stories of patient experiences and the support provided by our affiliates in many of the countries represented among our Affiliates helps to demonstrate the important work of our Affiliates, and of the International Kidney Cancer Coalition in supporting and encouraging those Affiliates. Read about the important work of kidney cancer care around the world.

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Patient Charter for Global Kidney Cancer Care

Our International Kidney Cancer Patient Charter was created to ensure that the more than one million people living with kidney cancer worldwide have access to the best available treatment, care, information and support. The Charter is based on a survey extended to 34 patient group leaders with a special interest in kidney cancer, located in 20 countries spread over 6 continents.

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