Our Affiliates

IKCC welcomes every organisation that has an interest in kidney cancer and who pledge to conform to our Code of Conduct. We extend an open invitation to become part of this international network.

We also welcome as Supporters individuals who are interested in starting kidney cancer support groups in their own countries, and to professionals and consumers who want to be an integral part of this network.

Our Affiliate Organisations are listed below. You would like to join the IKCC then please click here for information about joining our network.

Affiliates Pin Map

Affiliate Organisations

Brazil EspacoBrazilInstituto Espaço de Vida
Brazil oncoguiaBrazilInstituto Oncoguia
Kidney Cancer CanadaCanadaKidney Cancer Canada
ChinaCancer Foundation of China
Simmon CancerColombiaFundación Simmon
Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 16.56.38FinlandAssociation of Cancer Patients in Finland
Association pour la Recherche sur les Tumeurs du ReinFranceAssociation pour la Recherche sur les Tumeurs du Rein
Das LebenshausGermanyDas Lebenshaus e.V.
GermanyUronauten e.V.
Ghana 150wGhanaJuliet Ibrahim Foundation
VHL Alliance (VHLA)GreeceVHL FA Alliance Greece
VCare Cancer FoundationIndiaV Care Foundation
Flag_of_Kosovo.svgKosovoJeta me Kancer Grupi Kosovar
BORKA-For Each New DayMacedoniaBORKA-For Each New Day
Asociacion ALEMexicoAsociación ALE
MoroccoMoroccoMoroccan Fed. supporting patients with CKD and Organ Transplantation (FMAIRTO)
Belangenvereniging Von Hippel Lindau (VHL)NetherlandsBelangenvereniging VHL
NetherlandsLiving with Bladder and Kidney cancer
Stand Up To Cancer NigeriaNigeriaStand Up To Cancer Nigeria
Gladiator PolandPolandAssociation "GLADIATOR"
Portugual APIRPortugalAssociação Portuguesa de Insuficientes Renais
SpainSpainFederación Nacional de Asociaciones para la Lucha Contra las Enfermedades del Riñón
CANSASouth AfricaCancer Association of South Africa (CANSA)
UKKidney Cancer Scotland
Kidney Cancer Support NetworkUKKidney Cancer Support Network
Kidney Cancer UKUKKidney Cancer UK
UK RCRFUKRenal Cancer Research Fund
USA ACKCUSAAction to Cure Kidney Cancer (ACKC)
USAClimb 4 Kidney Cancer
Judy Nicholson Kidney Cancer FoundationUSAJudy Nicholson Kidney Cancer Foundation
KCANUSAKCAN - Kidney Cancer Action Network
Kure It USAKure It Cancer Network
Powerful PatientUSAPowerful Patient Inc.
R.M.C.Inc.USAR.M.C. Inc.
VHL Alliance (VHLA)USAVHL Alliance (VHLA)