New educational online-toolbox for patient group leaders on “medicines research & development”…

  •  More than 100 topics in 7 languages for patient advocates to discover, adapt and share
  • Online information resource designed to enable more meaningful patient involvement
  • Information and education to help engage patients and patient advocates

 The European Patients’ Academy (EUPATI) announced the launch of its new online-toolbox on Medicines Research & Development. The toolbox is available to European patient groups, patient advocates and anyone who is interested in learning more about the medicines research and development (R&D) process. Users can acquire the knowledge to make a meaningful contribution to medicines development and to the broader dialogue around patient empowerment. This online educational resource allows users to freely discover, adapt, and share materials.

“The toolbox is a comprehensive, self-explanatory, educational resource that has been built so that learnings on medicines R&D can be developed and shared by patient advocates. It is the result of a long-term, concerted effort by expert stakeholders including patients, researchers and academics. Our vision is that thousands of patient advocates in Europe will leverage the toolbox to enable more meaningful patient involvement and partnership in medicines R&D. The toolbox is EUPATI’s second core product, after the Patient Expert Training Course, designed to support patients with information and knowledge,’’ says Jan Geissler, Director, European Patients‘ Academy.

The online toolbox is available in seven languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish and Russian) and contains over 3000 expert materials on the ‘A-Z’ of medicines R&D. For example, content includes information-rich modules and best-in-class educational materials on discovery research, clinical development, regulatory affairs, medicinal safety, pharmacovigilance and the principles of health technology assessment. Users can access a wealth of fact sheets, graphics, slideshows, videos, recorded webinars, print-ready materials as well as a full glossary. European patient groups and patient advocates are invited to use the toolbox to discover the latest educational resources, to educate and train patient communities, and to identify opportunities on how to get involved in medicines R&D.

“Patients no longer view themselves as ‘recipients’ of healthcare innovation. They are embracing their new power to shape the medical advances that are shaping their lives. We hope this toolbox will be a helpful resource to empower patients with more knowledge about how biomedical R&D works,” according to Roslyn F. Schneider MD, MSc, Global Patient Affairs Lead, Pfizer.

Birgit Bauer, a EUPATI Fellow living with Multiple Sclerosis, Germany, recognizes that ‘‘from my perspective, the EUPATI toolbox provides an objective, reliable and up-to-date resource for patient education on medicines R&D. The multilingual materials deliver a wealth of patient awareness materials and an understanding on the opportunities patient advocates have to strengthen their voice and to get actively involved in the process.”

You can access the ‘EUPATI Toolbox on Medicines R&D’ at

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 About EUPATI The European Patients’ Academy on Therapeutic Innovation provides scientifically reliable, objective, comprehensive information to patients and the general public on the research and development process of medicines. It will increase the capacity of patients and the lay public to be effective advocates and advisors, e.g., in clinical trials, with regulatory authorities and in ethics committees. EUPATI is a team of 33 organisations, led by the European Patients’ Forum, made up of a unique combination of patient organisations, university and not-for-profit organisations expert in patient and public engagement, along with European pharmaceutical companies working in research. EUPATI wants to offer information and education that will help involve patients and patient advocates throughout the medicines research and development process. EUPATI aims to make a visible difference to all stakeholders involved in medicines research and development, clarifying ways for a more meaningful involvement in areas like drug discovery, clinical trials planning and conduct, the assessment of safety of medicines, the balance of benefit and risk and health economics. Find out more about the European Patients’ Academy, including our ethics and transparency policies, in seven languages, at:

The “European Patients’ Academy on Therapeutic Innovation” project is receiving support from the Innovative Medicines Initiative Joint Undertaking under grant agreement n° 115334, resources of which are composed of financial contribution from the European Union‘s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) and EFPIA companies.