About Kidney Cancer

Kidney cancer is diagnosed in over 300,000 people worldwide every year. It is the 12th most common cancer in the world, with approximately the same incidence as pancreatic cancer. Fewer than 1 in 20 people diagnosed with cancer have kidney cancer, meaning that it is quite a rare disease. When detected early, kidney cancer patients have very favourable survival outcomes. However, up to one third of kidney cancer patients are diagnosed at the advanced stage. There is no known cure for advanced kidney cancer although treatments can extend survival for many patients. Further research and new treatments are needed.


About IKCC

The International Kidney Cancer Coalition (IKCC), a registered foundation based in The Netherlands. The IKCC is an independent, democratic and patient-centred network comprising over 20 Affiliate Organisations from around the world. The organization was born from a very strong desire among various national patient groups to network, cooperate and share experiences.

For more information please view the IKCC website www.ikccv2.wpengine.com

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Key projects include:

  1. a) Global Charter for Kidney Cancer Care, published in European Urology, and now available in 14 languages. For more information, please see the IKCC website ikccv2.wpengine.com


  1. b) Global website for immuno-oncology in kidney cancer. The website “10-for-IO” – Ten for immuno-oncology (IO) – is a new internet platform launched in September 2015 and now available in four languages: English, German, French, and Spanish with Portuguese and Dutch soon to be announced. Visit us online: www.10forIO.info