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ESMO Highlights from the International Kidney Cancer Coalition

Note: The following summary was prepared by patient advocates for the benefit of patient organisations who focus on kidney cancer. While this summary has been medically reviewed, the information contained herein is based upon public data shared at this meeting and is not intended to be exhaustive. Patients should ask their physician about any information that pertains to their care.

Summary of Kidney Cancer Take-Home Messages from ESMO 2017

Over 24,000 people attended the ESMO (European Society of Medical Oncology) meeting in Madrid from September 8–12

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IKCC 2016 Chantilly, Paris

6th International Conference for Organisations Representing Patients with Kidney Cancer

14th -16th April 2016

50 kidney cancer advocates from 25 countries met in Chantilly, Paris for our 6th international conference for organisations representing patients with kidney cancer.

The keynote address was delivered by Dr. Bernard Escudier of France, one of the leading kidney cancer specialists in the world. During our conference we were honoured to hear from many other well respected clinicians and experts

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IKCC 2015 Morristown New Jersey

International Kidney Cancer Coalition – Conference 2015

Morristown, New Jersey, USA, 16th-18th April 2015

Our Fifth International Kidney Cancer Coalition Conference for organisations representing kidney cancer patients brought together representatives from patient groups in more than 20 countries around the world and offered them the opportunity to share best practices, exchange experiences and work together to improve the lives of kidney cancer patients wherever they live.

IKCC 2013 Conference Report

3rd International Kidney Cancer Coalition April 11-13 2013 a Tremendous Success

Over 70 delegates from around the world attended our 3rd IKCC conference held in London. We were pleased to welcome back many kidney cancer advocates – and meet new groups and individuals for the very first time. From Nigeria to Greece, from Australia to Brazil, you came to collaborate, share best practices, and take away information to help kidney patients in your country.

Thank you to our expert speakers from Germany, India, Canada, Belgium, Sweden, the U.S., and U.K

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IKCC Conference 2012

IKCC Rome Conference and Beyond

March 11-13, 2012

From March 11-13, kidney cancer organizations from around the world met in Rome, Italy to discuss shared issues and work towards solutions on a global level. We came to Rome “with our heads and our hearts open” to share our information and ideas with others, and learn from groups around the world where patients are facing similar issues with kidney cancer.

Note: The following summary notes are provided in detail for the education and benefit of kidney cancer patient organizations who

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