I am a kidney cancer patient. Where can I get support?

Cancer and its treatment can have a huge physical and emotional effect on you. It is important to look after yourself. This includes eating a well- balanced and healthy diet, not smoking, doing regular exercise, and seeking help if you feel depressed or anxious. There are professionals  who can help guide and support you with these aspects of your life.

Family and friends are an invaluable source of support, whether it’s helping with the shopping, coming to doctor appointments with you or simply being with you. Let your family and friends support you. Your cancer diagnosis will also affect your family and friends. It is likely that your closest family member or main caregiver may need help and support as well as you.

Many people find that it’s helpful sharing their experiences and knowledge with other people who have kidney cancer, or talking to someone trained in supporting people with kidney cancer. You may consider contacting a patient support organisation to get information about kidney cancer and to help you navigate your way around the healthcare system in your country.

I am a carer for someone with kidney cancer. What can I do?

Being a carer for a loved one with cancer can be rewarding, but it can also be tiring, stressful, and cause you a lot of worry. It is important that you look after yourself and take some time just for you. And it’s important that you get some help and support too.

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