Kidney Cancer – Helpful Links

Please see these other valuable websites to gather information about Kidney Cancer on the Internet (in English and French):

Kidney Cancer:

Kidney Cancer Association (USA) –

Kidney Health Australia –

Smart Patients –

World Cancer Research Fund International –

Please also visit the websites of our Affiliate Organisations for more detailed information:

Rare and Genetic Kidney Cancers:

These need special handling, even when they are metastatic:

Alliance for Cancer Research and Support – VHL –

BHD Syndrome Foundation –

HLRCC Family Alliance –

Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance online casino deutschland –

Wilms Tumor Study Group –

General Cancers:

Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer –

Cancer Care (USA) –

CancerHelp UK –

National Cancer Institute –

Macmillan Cancer Support –

Clinical Trials:

Clinical Trials Registry – India –

Clinical Trials worldwide (a service of the US National Institutes of Health) –

European Union Clinical Trials Register –

Health Canada’s Clinical Trials Database (English and French)

En français:

Cancer du rein:

Cancer du rein Canada –

La Ligue contre le cancer (France) –

La Ligue Suisse contre le cancer –

Association pour la Recherche sur les Tumeurs du rein (A.R.Tu.R. – France):

Institut National du Cancer (INCa – France):

Cancers rares et génétiques:

Centre Expert National Prédir (France) – voir “oncologie”

VHL France –